Parthos bought a new CNC and a new press machine to increase production capabilities

27 Juin 2016

A total of four low-loaders arrived in March with a 400 ton crane to unload and manoeuvre two new machines into the Parthos factory. This concerns the biggest Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) driven continuous press in Europe with a press size of 6700mm by 1700mm. It is complemented by an equally wide adhesive bonding machine, roller conveyors and automated palletizing machines. The total production line covers more than 50 metres. In addition, Parthos has invested in an equally large, complementary, ‘Homag’ CNC fabricating machine (also the worlds biggest CNC machine for fabricating panels), with a working length of 6800mm and a width of 1680mm. This makes Parthos in one fell swoop the market leader of lamination and exceptionally oversize panel production.

Parthos mobile partitions division and its new subsidiary Parthos Inraumsysteme GmbH will work directly to offer new opportunities to the interiors market. Meanwhile, both machines are completely installed and fully operational. With this investment Parthos has its future as a manufacturing company in the Netherlands secured.

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