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Movable Walls: Movable wall Palace 110S

Ease of operation, design and flexibility.

The movable wall Palace 110S  satisfies the most stringent requirements a user may demand from a movable wall. The Palace 110S has excellent acoustical properties. When it comes to sound insulation, the Palace 110S is by far the most obvious choice. Although the panel thickness of the Palace is only 110 mm, its sound insulation value measures as high as 37-58 dB Rw.

The Palace runs very smoothly along its track system by means of ball-bearing trolleys and has practically unlimited stacking possibilities. As a result the Palace 110S is very easy to operate.

All our walls have been designed to eliminate the need for floor guides. A manually operated or semi-electrically powered spindle mechanism, in combination with acoustic pressure sleeves, ensures the greatest possible stability and highest possible degree of sound-proofing.

The Palace 110S is made up out of various different panels These panels can be finished in a variety of different styles. Even curved walls and tracks can be delivered! Because of its metal self-supporting frame construction, a height of more than 15 metre can easily be reached by the Palace 110S. This will enable you to design a wall that meets your requirements entirely, both technically and aesthetically.

Our walls can meet the highest fire safety requirements. We are one of the few manufacturers in Europe who have developed a wall able to withstand flames for longer than 60 minutes. We also supply walls with a fire resistance rating of 30 minutes and fire retarding walls.

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Parthos, designed for Green. We see it as our ecological responsibility to participate in this ongoing process of sustainability. As a member of the Dutch Green Building Council we actively contribute to the objectives of the World Green Building Council.

Besides movable walls, Parthos can also produce, deliver and install:

Glass walls, movable wall systems, folding walls, glass folding walls, spacers and  interior contracting and metal constructions.