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Glass Folding Walls: Glass folding wall IS-4400

If insulation and design are among your highest priorities, the glass folding wall IS-4400 is an excellent solution.

For heated living spaces, walls such as these must meet certain aesthetic demands – such as choice of profiles and surface finish – as well as leakage, water resistance and thermal insulation. The glass folding wall IS-4400 combines these aspects in the most ideal way.

The wall is designed and executed exclusively on the basis of individual requirements. The many options with respect to panel arrangement and jointing details, as well as the combination with different types of glass, offer an enormous degree of flexibility.

The glass folding wall IS- 4400 is supplied with high quality EPDM sealing profiles and vulcanized corner elements, as standard production. An integrated swivel, tumble and panel system can be built into the window frames. This way one can aerate the room without opening the wall. The locking of the system can easily be disassembled during cleaning.

Furthermore, the IS and US series is the only one on the market that has been fitted with a safety catch to protect your fingers!

The glass folding wall IS-4400 can be set up to fold inwards as well as outwards and if so desired be opened from either side (inside or outside).

The thermally broken guides are usually mounted in such a way that they are recessed into the floor and are provided with a regulated drain system.

On request the floor conduction can be sunken into the floor or fixed on top of the floor

You have a choice of either a top hung suspended guide system or a floor supported track system.

In spite of its slender profiles, the insulation capacity of the glass folding wall IS-4400 exceeds that of the glass folding wall IS-4000 by 30%. If desired, the glazing can be supplied with a thermal and acoustic insulating capacity of 37 mm.

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