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Glass Folding Walls: Glass folding wall IS-4000-SSG

The glass folding wall IS-4000-SSG shares all the great characteristics of the IS-4000.

Just as the IS-4000, this wall can also be made to measure. Gluing the “Structural Silicone Glazing” (SSG) results in frameless glazing. The application of “Structural Silicone Glazing” makes the panels appear even slimmer. The unbroken face of the exterior makes it appear as if it has been fashioned from one single piece. This type of glazing, with a hardened exterior pane, has a thickness of 30 mm and can be executed in various types of glass. Glass with acoustic and thermal insulating properties is also available on request.

The panels always slide smoothly in the rails and can be opened at every notch, making them easy to clean from the inside. The IS-4000-SSG is supplied with high quality EPDM sealing profiles and vulcanised corner elements, as standard production. An integrated swivel, tumble and panel system can be built into the window frames. This way one can aerate the room without opening the wall. The locking of the system can easily be disassembled during cleaning. Furthermore, the IS and US-series is the only one on the market that has been fitted with a safety catch to protect your fingers!

As opposed to our other folding glass walls, the IS-4000-SSG can only be set up to fold inwards and can only be opened from the inside. The thermally broken guides are preferably mounted in such a way that they are recessed into the floor and are provided with a regulated drain system. You can choose a suspended or an upright guide system.

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