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Folding Walls: Phonic folding wall

The Phonic folding wall is the ultimate folding wall when it comes to sound insulation.

This wall has a sound insulation value as high as 46 dB Rw! Thanks to the use of durable sweep seals, this type of wall does not require the installation of floor tracks. The Phonic is available in a variety of different finishes so that you have the freedom to decide exactly how the wall looks and functions. It is the customers choice where the wall opens or at which end. The Phonic is an ideal solution for extra long walls. Placing a walk-through door in this wall is also possible.

Parthos mobile space solutions give you optimum flexibility in the use of square meters, saving space as well as energy. Contributing to the environment and improving the quality of life, Parthos mobile space solutions are designed for green with a product life cycle of more than 25 years whereupon completely reusable!

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