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Folding Walls: Accordion wall Mono

The Mono is an accordion wall.

This wall takes up very little space because it is constructed from only single panels. It is very easy to operate. Folding walls such as these are an ideal solution for houses or offices with a limited surface area.  The Mono is available in diverse panel widths and many combinations are possible: closure on one side, centre closure or closure on both sides. It is the customers choice where the wall opens or at which end.

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Parthos, designed for Green. We see it as our ecological responsibility to participate in this ongoing process of sustainability. As a member of the Dutch Green Building Council we actively contribute to the objectives of the World Green Building Council.

Besides folding walls , Parthos can also produce, deliver and install:

Glass walls, movable wall systems, movable walls, glass folding walls, spacers and  interior contracting and metal constructions.