Standard colour collection 2014

04 Jun 2014

After a careful examination and some changes at our distributor the Parthos standard colour collection will be changed. The following colours will change:

  • H1932 will be removed from our standard collection
  • W980 ST3 is changed by W980 ST11
  • H1704 will be replaced by H1706
  • H1530 will be replaced by H3113
  • W1000 will be added to our standard collection

The colours H1932, H1704 and H1530 are currently still limited in stock. You can keep ordering these colours as long as they are available. In the long run the colours H1704 and H1530 will be replaced and disappear from our standard collection. The colour H1932 keeps being available but won’t be part of the Parthos standard colour collection anymore.

You can find the new Colour chart on

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