ISO 14001 certificering Parthos

Parthos achieves ISO 14001 certification

Panningen - 13 Mar 2015

 Parthos B.V. from Panningen ( the Netherlands)  receives the ISO 14001: 2004 certificate, following on her ISO 9001 certification.

The ISO 14001 certificate shows that the environmental management system from Parthos meets the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).The environmental management system reflects the development, manufacturing, installation and servicing of movable wall systems and interior contracting. With this certification Parthos shows its strive to supply sustainable products and projects and at the same time maintain the highest level of environmental friendly processing these products and projects .

Also Parthos China Mobile Wall Systems Co., Ltd. (Factory)

“Parthos is particularly proud of this certification. Especially since now both Parthos B.V. Panningen (the Netherlands) and Parthos China Mobile Wall Systems Co., Ltd. (Factory) have achieved the certification. This ISO 14001 certification fits in perfectly with our policy on the environment that we embed more and more in our operations and business processes. “said CEO E. van den Wildenberg.


The ISO 14001 certification is one of the standards of the ISO 1400 series and is used worldwide to certify environmental management systems. Using a certified environmental management system, Parthos contributes to the control and reduction of environmental risks and strives for continuous improvement of her  environmental performance.

Earlier certifications

In addition to the ISO 14001 certificate, Parthos previously achieved ISO 9001 and VCA * certificate. Parthos is also a participating member of the Dutch Green Building Council and is affiliated with the Riba and Construction Line. In September 2014 Parthos China Mobile Wall Systems Co., Ltd. (Factory) also received the  ISO 14001 certification.


Parthos B.V.  established since 1968, has developed into an international company in movable wall systems, interior contracting and shopfitting. Parthos develops, manufactures and installs worldwide through its own sales offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, England and Morocco. In addition, Parthos has production and sales facilities in China and Thailand. All the metal constructions are produced by Parthos Metal in the Netherlands .

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