New: panel walls with built-in electrically operated blinds!

Dublin, Ireland - 06 May 2015

Parthos B.V. has completed a highly prestigious project at the Kerry Foods company in Dublin, in collaboration with RKD Architects, the oldest architectural firm in Ireland. This project entailed the placing of 7 Transpalace mobile panel walls that consisted of a total of 29 standard elements and 6 door elements. The walls are all closed semi-automatically and acoustically, using an electrically powered mechanism.

What makes this innovative project so special is the fact that all of the separate elements feature electrically operated blinds. When the separate elements are all connected, the blinds can be operated with a single button: they can be raised or lowered, opened and closed, making for a very dynamic appearance. Using the Transpalace wall allows people to create a very open and well-lit environment, whilst maintaining the high-quality features characteristic for Palace, including excellent sound insulation and a modern, functional design. Parthos offers a wide array of options, for both the colour scheme for the Transpalace walls as well as for the blinds.

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