26 Jul 2019

New video series: Parthos product demonstrations

Parthos announces a new video series showing product demonstrations of various completed projects: The first video has already been posted. […]

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The added value of our space solutions is not only reflected in the quality of our end products, but also in the quality of our level of after sales service.

The responsibility we feel towards our customers does not end after delivery of a good end product. Even after the successful conclusion of a product, you can always count on us. When for example a certain space- layout is no longer suitable and needs to be changed, we can often re-optimise by re-arranging the existing elements. This is a good idea, not only with a view to sustainability but also a consideration for your own wallet.

To put it briefly, our responsibility for your optimum use of space does not end after delivery of one of our products. A durable and space-saving solution also means a durable and caring service!