26 Jul 2019

New video series: Parthos product demonstrations

Parthos announces a new video series showing product demonstrations of various completed projects: The first video has already been posted. […]

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Designed for green

Parthos mobile space solutions give you optimum flexibility in the use of square meters, saving space as well as energy. Contributing to the environment and improving the quality of life, Parthos mobile space solutions are designed for green with a product life cycle of more than 25 years whereupon completely reusable!

Dutch Green Building Council Climate change, the exhaustion of natural resources, increasing energy costs and lack of space are driving the demand for ecologically and economically viable buildings. That’s why Parthos mobile space solutions stand for sustainability throughout the entire supply chain. We are committed to using as many as possible local materials on the bases of 100% recyclability and non toxicity. Parthos has developed a fully integrated resource conserving and energy saving manufacturing process and uses material efficiency strategies such as dimensional planning to reduce the amount of building materials needed and cut construction costs. Waste separation and categorization are integrated to our everyday activities. By deriving fuel from waste Parthos even partly generates its own energy!

We see it as our ecological responsibility to participate in this ongoing process of sustainability. As a member of the Dutch Green Building Council we actively contribute to the objectives of the World Green Building Council.

Also in the field of green building Parthos has proven to be your partner!